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Things To Look Out For In The Shop

Hey everyone, I just wanted to quickly bring up custom items in the store for anyone just browsing. This is a bit of a continuation or follow up from the last post. As I learn how to properly make use of all the features WordPress and WooCommerce have to offer, you might see something from time to time in the shop with a name or order number paired with an oddly specific price. Currently I have yet to figure out how to hide customer specific items from public view. The best I can do at this time is password protect these listings so that they can not be accidentally purchased.

Going back to my issues with PayPal, the main focus of this website is streamlining the payment and ordering process for all clients, as well as avoiding unrealistic holds and freezes on my accounts by not making use of their services. With apple pay, google pay, and the ability to punch in your credit card, it is much easier to process payment, as well, running everything through the site is keeping me much more organized already!

For those of you making use of breaking up payment with a 50% (non-refundable) deposit, you can expect to purchase two separate blank items from the store. Currently I am working on learning to receive partial payments on single items. Until I come to a resolution, please exercise patience and understanding for this new learning curve.

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