Payment Plan For Zev

$62.50 / month for 4 months



5/8 Blue & Purple Labradorite Plugs. $250

You chose to break this item into four simple payments. These payments will be considered non-refundable. You may cancel your subscription at any point. Payments made up to cancellation will remain as credit for up to 6-months, however there will be no guarantee your chosen material is still available. You must register a user account, from which you will be able to keep track of your payments, billing information, and cancel/pause your subscription.

Payments Due:

5/2/2023: $62.50 $62.50 / $250 | 6/2/2023: $62.50 ( $125/ $250) | 7/2/2023: $62.50 ($187.50/$250) | 8/2/2023: $62.50 ($250/$250)

Time to completion from final payment: 4 weeks


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