Made To Order Purple Labradorite Labrets 6mm – 25mm




Made to order Purple Labradorite labret plugs. Oval or round, the choice is yours. Labrets are available from 2g (6.5mm) and as large as your lip will stretch (see Jumbo Labrets, coming soon)! When placing your order, be sure to head over to the custom order form page and submit all of your desired specs. If requesting oval as your shape, please be sure to include the circumference (the distance around your current fitting oval) as one of your measurements. Lowbrets, philtrums, and other stretched oral piercings do not apply.

Half millimeter increments available; be sure to specify on your order form.

REMINDER! This is a made-to-order product! The piece you put on order has yet to be made, and is NOT ready to ship. Turn around time is typically 6-8 weeks.

Note to customers: Your actual piece will vary from the product images. Our purple labradorite inventory showcases a range color from purple to pink, and in some angles orange with a pink tint! Supreme effort will be put fourth to deliver the the most vibrant specimen for your jewelry collection, however, it is important to realize this is a natural material, and given its unique dances with light, colors do vary!

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