Eric B. 22mm Brazilian Agate Oval Labret

$29.16 / week for 6 weeks



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Your Terms:

Total: $175
Duration: 6 Weeks
Weekly Payment: $29.16

About Your Jewelry:

Size: 22mm
Requested Shape: “Wide Oval”
Wearing Length: 13mm
T-Back: 2mm Deep Concave
Labret Wingspan: 32mm
Customer Notes: “I’d like for the wearing area to be tapered and for the front to be flat”

Things To Know:

  • All Payments will be NON REFUNDABLE. Should you be unable to fulfill your entire balance, the amount you have paid in will be available as credit for 12 months from the time of your last payment.
  • Communication is key! I don’t charge penalties failed payments, or late payments (it’s automated anyways). If there is a problem on your end, or something is not working properly on mine, let me know, and we can work it out. No stress, no pressure.
  • Due my current schedule, I CAN NOT predict, nor provide a specific date of completion. For transparencies sake, I work 45-50hrs a week before I have time for jewelry, or anything else in my personal life. This drastically impacts my ability to be more efficient with my productions times.
  • When it comes to installment plans on custom pieces, work does generally not begin until at least 50% of the total has been paid off. If time allows it can happen sooner.