41mm Petrified Wood Teardrops


41mm Petrified Wood teardrops for your stretched ears.

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These petrified wood teardrops are a must have for any collector of fine stone jewelry for their stretched ears. With rich banding, and a glassy polish, these are sure to garner quite a bit of attention. Not to mention, this material was not bought, not traded, nor acquired by any third party; this material was self collected on a day trip to the Saddle Mountains. This stock, along with 50lbs of other rock, were found on the side of the mountains, and hiked back down on foot. You surely won’t find any other plugs on the market from this region.

Disclaimer: while this pair is available, please note it currently is in a company warehouse out of state. If interested please coordinate with me before purchase so that I can ensure a timely delivery. Thank you.


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