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International Payments Now Accepted

This website was a bit rushed when created, and there is still lots of work to do. One of the biggest challenges has figuring out the best way to handle orders from those of you not located in the United States. As it has turned out, the entire time I have been able to accept international payments, I just hadn’t read enough of the support docs to realize.

If you are placing an ordering from outside the US, please reach out if there are any issues. I am trying to make for the most efficient and streamlined ordering process I can, and customer feedback is immensely important.

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Payment plans now available on custom orders

I am very excited to announce that I can now offer various payment plans to clients making orders for custom jewelry! By making use of subscriptions, a feature built into WordPress (the platform my website and store is built around) it is now possible to break your order up into bite size weekly or monthly automatic payments. This works like any other subscription based service online, and only needs to be set up once. Plans will be for a specific duration of time so as not to over or under charge. From you account dashboard you can keep track of your payments, cancel at any time, update shipping and billing info, and see previous orders.

With lead times 6-8 weeks on average, consider spreading your total across that time frame! To give you an example of what that looks like. Say your order is $300. If you broke that up across 6 payments each week, that is only $50 a week, or $37.50 at 8 weeks! Or monthly, three months at $100.

Not only is this a great way to get that dream pair of stone plugs. This is a new practical way for you to save! That’s right, you don’t have to be ready to place an order. Perhaps you know that you would like to sometime in the near future but have a hard time setting aside what you need. With subscriptions, you can accumulate a credit with Stone Soup Lapidary that can be applied directly to your order! Because a registered account is required to take advantage of payments, you will have access to a dashboard that tracks all of your payments, orders, shipping, and billing information!

The Fine Print: Being able to offer payments in this way is a a privilege I am able to make available to clients. Due the nature of being a very small business, and payments being an advantage to you when ordering, all payments received are NON-REFUNDABLE. Subscriptions/Payments can be cancelled at any time with no penalties. After cancelling a subscription prematurely, all payments made will be considered credit on your account for 6 months for when you are ready to order.

Please, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns with this new avenue for ordering, leaving us a comment! I’d love to have feed back.

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Budget Friendly Jewelry Now Ready To Ship

If you’ve been checking back every now and again, you have probably noticed some new items in the shop. There are many reasons why these low cost plugs could be appealing to anyone besides for cost. Staying true to the standards I hold myself and Stone Soup to, I’ve chosen a line of jewelry that meets the same expectations for what I wear, and what I make. Be it your stretching journey, a mishap and break, lost jewelry, or any other reason; I am now happy that I have products ready to ship out as soon as you make your purchase.

Over the next few weeks and months I will be working to add more. And of course I’m working on adding more pre-marked slabs up for potential projects. Thank you all for the support and trust with your jewelry needs!

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PayPal Exclusively Available To International Customers

Due to repeat issues and negative experiences with PayPal, I will no longer accept PayPal as a payment method for customers based in the USA. For all the reasons you may prefer PP, I can assure you I began using PP with similar if not the same reasons. From here on out, all payments must be processed via the credit card input/processor built into the store. This service is provided by Stripe, a trusted and secure payment portal.

International clients need to coordinate directly with myself to arrange for payment and shipping. It is likely I will continue to send you all invoices via PayPal where payment can be made. I am actively seeking a more streamlined solution to dealing with the complexities of buying/selling/shipping outside of the USA.

Thank you all for your patience, understanding, and most of all cooperation.

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Order form maintenance and updates.

Hey everyone, just a quick update. The custom order form is currently functioning half way, however submissions are not being properly forwarded to me for review. I can still access submissions from the database, so nothing is lost. While I work to repair this feature, please exercise a little bit of patience with my replies.

As well, while navigating through the website, if you come across anything you think may be an error, please report it by sending in an email on the contact page. Trying my best to keep things running smoothly!

Reminder, for the latest news regarding jewelry, or the website, you should be following me on Instagram. I make the most use of story posts, and regular posts showcasing finished products and work in progress. As there are updates to the site, I will post about them on Instagram first. So give a follow, and check back often for updates.