Stone Soup Lapidary has come a long way to become a reality. In fact the reality of Stone Soup was not even a thought until receiving strong encouragement from close friends and peers alike. Since 2016 I (Lucas), the one and only person behind Stone Soup, has been practicing the art of Lapidary, and body jewelry has been the focus since day one.

All of my life I have had a strong passion for body jewelry, tattooing, and piercing. This passion led me to becoming a whole sale representative touring around the entirety of the United States for months on end. After excelling and proving my dedication and value as a salesperson, I was presented with the unique opportunity to take the road show overseas, selling top quality product to studios across Europe.

Being on the road afforded me many freedoms and luxuries that a stationary life would not have. On a quest to preserve those freedoms, again with encouragement from those closest to me, I began looking into starting my own small time operation to keep the craft alive, and to have a creative outlet in life. The intention was never to actually feel like I was running a business, and it still doesn’t. However it became clear early that I had a real business blooming right before me.

It was June of 2022; the corporate grind was tearing me down, wrecking my mental health, and damaging my body in irreparable ways. Change was necessary. I submitted my resignation from Corporate America to become a full time jeweler.

Because of my amazing clients, I am able to continue to offer custom jewelry, utilize my time as a self employed person to focus on my craft, hone my skills, and spend time with my dog/best friend Sumo.