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A New Chapter

If you have ordered from me in the past or follow me on Instagram you know that my order process has been evolving quite a bit the past year. I went from creating my own custom invoices in a word processor, to making use of invoicing through PayPal, and now once again generating my own invoices through my book keeping program. As a the likely Instagram follower you are, you would be aware that in the past few weeks I have been having severe issues with both PayPal and Venmo. As a result of multiple account suspensions and freezes for very arbitrary reasons, and more on the way, I have no choice but avoid using those payment processing services. To these companies, I say thank you! Thank you for not making an effort to retain my business! The solution is here in this website.

Not only is there a custom order form to use streamlining the process from the beginning, but payment can be accepted directly on the website. For My international Clients PayPal may indeed still remain the best option, but be assured I am seeking alternatives.

So here’s how it’s going to work moving forward: First submit your request. Quotes are not automatically generated. I will receive an Email with all of your information and be able to accurately quote you a price from there. After you have received the quote, I need confirmation that you are ready to proceed. At this point I will list a custom item in the store, specifically for YOU. 50% Deposit will be required within 7 Days. Full payment within 30 days.

As I continue to build this store out, certain features may get better in time. Other features may prove themself worthless and be phased out. When it comes to 50% deposits, It is looking like I will have to list two separate Items, as I’ve yet to realize partial payments through this new platform.

If you have made it this far, thank you! For the TLDR crowd, my next big task is setting up an FAQ page, so stay tuned, or try reading this all the way through on your next visit. 🙂

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